Pump Up Your Posse


One of my friends once said to me “I don’t do sick people, so come back when you are well again”

Ouch! – That hurt. I was being dumped at the very time when I needed support!

I recently watched Darren Hardy (Compound Effect) on the Experts Academy stage talking about the eight insights he had gained from interviewing successful people. One of the learning points; “Protect Your Mind” involved creating an environment around you that developed and supported winning attitudes – a common trait of successful leaders.

Darren suggested that you needed five fabulous leaders around you to achieve this in order to protect and feed your mind with the right stuff. Mix with millionaires or billionaires and learn from them. Dump those who will not help you get to the next level.

This is not a new message of course, but it struck me that this can be misinterpreted with dire consequences. If everyone did it, you could end up being a lonely business leader with fair weather friends at best. Why would a very successful person want to mix with you anyway?

I think you have to take people with you as you climb the ladder of success. You have to give back and help others. Isn’t that what a customer/supplier relationship is really based on? Isn’t that how business communities succeed?

So I think the message should be one of balance. Ensure you have people around you who are essential for success; those who will stretch your thinking, motivate you to act and those who help you create leverage on your time, as well as those whom you can serve.

So who are the right people?

  1. People who stretch your thinking and teach you new skills
    e.g. Mentors, Protagonists & Educators
  2. People who inspire & motivate you to act
    e.g. Great Leaders, Communities & Families
  3. People who create time, space and cash for you (aka leverage)
    e.g. Staff, Suppliers & Partners
  4. People to whom you can add value
    e.g. Customers, Prospects & Good Causes

Dump the people who:

  1. Waste your time
  2. Suck the life out of you without purpose
  3. Demand high maintenance at low profit (Grade D customers)
  4. Don’t give back

Its not just about surrounding yourself with millionaires / billionaires…

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